~ Memories ~

like petals in the wind
memories of our journeys
dance through my mind.

Each delicate and unique
and chasing each other
in intricate spirals.

Sometimes moving so quickly
as to become one unending
tornado of color.

Some break away
caught in unseen currents
and drift out of sight

Finding their way to the flowing river,
they rest gently on the surface 
and are carried away
lost forever.

As I sit on the banks
watching those that remain
remembering, smiling
and sometimes crying
I can feel you close to me.

Reaching out 
and into the ever changing swarm of color,
I close my hand and bring one close to me
feeling it fluttering 
like a trapped butterfly 
against my palm.

Some I let go to rejoin the others
Some I keep, 
pressing them between the pages of my mind
ever close 
should I want to remember them again and again.

~ Raindrops ~

A kaleidoscope of blurring raindrops
hit the window pane
and turn to running rivers
joining and splitting
again and again
until they reach the bottom
and rush off the ledge
in a cascading waterfall
hitting the puddles below
sending intricate ripples
rushing away
carrying leaves on the currents
like small boats
caught on never ending waves
rising and falling
spinning and twirling 
until they hit a distant shore
and tumble onto the banks
resting atop one another
higher and higher
dancing here and there 
under the crying sky.

~ Whispers ~

Whispers in the night
gentle words
finding their way
though the darkness
reaching, flowing
riding the heartbeat
to the soul.

~Crystal Fireflies ~

Surrounded by the night
the hot summer wind at my back,
I stand transfixed
gazing skyward
as the stars light the way to forever.

glowing white hot
pulsing with my heartbeat,
they come alive in the darkness.

As if by magic
becoming crystal fireflies
set off flying 
in the depths of midnight.

~The Dream~

The waves playing their endless
rhythm against the shore
wash the beach clean 
then sink slowly back into the sea.

We walk side by side
you and I.
Your hand in mine
and our gazes locked.

There has never been anything 
that feels as right
as us, alone
without the world.

I close my eyes to feel everything.
My hand in yours,
the warmth and comfort
of your body next to mine.

The sand, soft
beneath our feet.
The distant cry of the gulls
as they float on the passing breeze.

Everything is more right
more perfect than I could have ever hoped.
I open my eyes to look at you,
to share my deepest thoughts.

But the beach is empty
my hand is cold
and the sand feels hard
under my feet.

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Or were you never here
and it was all a dream?

I sit on the sand
alone and wanting
wanting you more than I should
more than I know will ever be.

~The Blanket~

The delicate pieces of my life
so frayed...
Torn away from the fabric
that once covered me
and protected my soul.

I touched them,
felt the ragged edges
loosely free.

I cried as I place them away
knowing I could never
fix what had been done,
the pieces now 

My days turned to years
as time became a flowing river
taking me with its current
silently carrying me places
ever further from my beginnings.

The moments of awareness
were so few
as I held onto 
what little I could...
until all I could do was sleep
praying as I surrendered to the darkness
that I would be taken from the pain
and released from the anguish 
that tormented my heart.

And as I slowly let go
feeling my body falling, spinning
 becoming one with the eternal blackness,
I awoke,
on the soft banks of my once raging river.
The morning sun
warm, gentle 
streaming though the trees.

And covering me
the blanket of my past
now sewn together
 in delicate stitches
and placed quietly over my body 
as I slept.

 Who found me,
reached out
and pulled me in?
Who found my blanket
torn and put sadly away
so long ago
and pieced it together
 so it could once again wrap me in it's comfort,
 warming me
gently in the depths of the night
And then carried me to the morning
safe, loved
and forever secure?


~ Seagull ~

A seagull
awake at dawn
and drifting on a passing breeze.
Are you happy seagull?
You must be 
for the sea gives you heart freedom
and the sun gives your soul love.

~ Questions ~

The only sound 
of the cold mountain night.

The stillness
and solitude
are but lonely keepers
of my soul.

The trees,
black silhouettes
surround and comfort me.

The sky spreads eternal
as the electric white balls of fire
dance endlessly in the heavens.

 in the their depths
must lie the answers
for the questions of  my soul.

~ Rain ~

The cool morning rain
washes my body clean
of the nights restless wanting.

Thoughts of you
hang suspended
sparkling brightly in my mind.

They fill my heart 
and touch my soul
and create a tapestry of love
that envelops my very being.

As the rain slides
like a cascading waterfall
over my face
so do the thoughts of you
slipping through my mind.

I feel clean
refreshed and new
both body and soul.

Blooming like the deserts 
after the sky's long awaited tears
my heart comes alive
with your love.

~ Cycles ~

The sky was red
and the sea raged.
The sun slowly melted
into the bubbling anger

A seagull floating above the beach
watches the day's glorious death.

Night comes,
the sea is calm and all is still
until the same gull
breaks the early morning stillness
and rests gently on the wharf
to watch the quiet birth
of another day.