~ Dawn ~

The cold gray night
slowly melts into a warm pink dawn
as we wake to find ourselves
close to one another.
Your touch is soft 
as is the cool seashore sand below.
The waves wash the beach
into a cold blank slate
and almost touching our toes
sink back into the marbled sea
Memories of the night past
sparkle brightly in my mind
Our walks and late night talks
under the hollow moon
as its light danced on the snowy tides.
We are lovers, yes
but deeper still
we are friends
and where lovers leave,
friends stay on forever.

~ The Cell ~

The coal smeared walls 
bind me here
as the echoes
of distant footsteps, past
repeat in the agony of my heart.
A subdued ray of light
falls to the dirt sodden path
outside my prison cell
A gleam of hope
beyond reach
Is it?
Or have I just given up trying

~ Let's Go to the Sea ~

The crystal moments 
with you and me
as we venture quietly
towards the sea

The dawn slowly broke 
in the Eastern sky
as our thoughts took us back 
to times gone by

The world stood still 
for those nights
as the moon gently guided us
with her light

Lighting our footsteps 
across the sand
as the stars slowly beat
to a distant band

The waves played the melody
the seagulls, the song
as you and I 
bravely marched along

Into the unkown
and through the past 
and here we are
the present at last

~ The Carousel ~

I ride the painted ponies
rising and falling in endless circles
and looking at the world
through a rainbowed blur.

~ Sandcastles ~

like thoughts of a dreamer
are there but for a moment
to be treasured with your heart
then left carelessly on the beach
melting into the waves.

~ Turning Games ~

The harder I reach, the farther you get
and nothing makes you turn
So bored I become of my useless quest
and that's when you begin to yearn.

When I turn back in interest
you turn your back on me
I do not know which way to turn
I'm blinded and cannot see.

Do I follow what I want 
and get nothing for my pain?
Or do I walk the other way
and have you follow me again?

But perhaps we'll find each other
in one of turning games
and maybe we'll like each other
because we're really both the same.

~ Memories ~

like petals in the wind
memories of our journeys
dance through my mind.

Each delicate and unique
and chasing each other
in intricate spirals.

Sometimes moving so quickly
as to become one unending
tornado of color.

Some break away
caught in unseen currents
and drift out of sight

Finding their way to the flowing river,
they rest gently on the surface 
and are carried away
lost forever.

As I sit on the banks
watching those that remain
remembering, smiling
and sometimes crying
I can feel you close to me.

Reaching out 
and into the ever changing swarm of color,
I close my hand and bring one close
feeling it fluttering 
like a trapped butterfly 
against my palm.

Some I let go to rejoin the others
Some I keep, 
pressing them between the pages of my mind
ever close 
so I can remember them again and again.

~ Raindrops ~

A kaleidoscope of blurring raindrops
hit the window pane
and turn to running rivers
joining and splitting
again and again
until they reach the bottom
and leap off the ledge
in a cascading waterfall
hitting the puddles below
sending intricate ripples
rushing away
carrying leafs on the currents
like small boats
caught on never ending waves
rising and falling
spinning and twirling 
until they hit a distant shore
and tumble onto the banks
resting atop one another
higher and higher
dancing here and there 
under the crying sky.

~ Whispers ~

Whispers in the night
gentle words
finding their way
though the darkness
reaching, flowing
riding the heartbeat
to the soul.

~Crystal Turtles ~

Surrounded by the night
the hot summer wind at my back,
I stand transfixed
gazing skyward
as the stars light the way to forever.

glowing white hot
pulsing with my heartbeat,
they come alive in the darkness.

As if by magic
 becoming crystal turtles
they set off swimming 
into the depths of midnight.