~The Blanket~

The delicate pieces of my life
so frayed...
Torn away from the fabric
that once covered me
and protected my soul.

I touched them,
felt the ragged edges
loosely free.

I cried as I place them away
knowing I could never
fix what had been done,
the pieces now 

My days turned to years
as time became a flowing river
taking me with its current
silently carrying me places
ever further from my beginnings.

The moments of awareness
were few
as I held onto 
what little I could...
until all I could do was sleep
praying as I surrendered to the darkness
that I would be taken from the pain
and released from the anguish 
that tormented my heart.

And as I slowly let go
feeling my body falling, spinning
 becoming one with the eternal blackness,
I awoke,
on the soft banks of my once raging river.
The morning sun
warm, gentle 
streaming though the trees.

And covering me
the blanket of my past
now sewn together
 in delicate stitches
and placed quietly over my body 
as I slept.

 Who found me,
reached out
and pulled me in?
Who found my blanket
torn and put sadly away
so long ago
and pieced it together
 so it could once again wrap me in it's comfort,
 warming me
gently in the depths of the night
And then carried me to the morning
safe, loved
and forever secure?