~The Dream~

The waves, playing their endless
rhythm against the shore,
wash the beach clean 
then sink slowly back into the sea.

We walk side by side
you and I.
Your hand in mine
and our gazes locked.

There has never been anything 
that feels as right
as us, alone
without the world.

I close my eyes to feel everything.
My hand in yours,
the warmth and comfort
of your body next to mine.

The sand, soft
beneath our feet.
The distant cry of the gulls
as they float on the passing breeze.

Everything is more right
more perfect than I could have ever hoped.
I open my eyes to look at you,
to share my deepest thoughts.

But the beach is empty
my hand is cold
and the sand feels hard
beneath my feet.

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Or were you never here
and it was all a dream?

I sit on the sand
alone and wanting
wanting you more than I should
more than I know will ever be.